February 2012

Help with codependency issues

I’ve noticed recently that a good amount of the books I own are considered ‘self-help’. I honestly don’t know why I tend to learn towards these books, as I have a great life and things completely under control. Yet, I find myself interested in learning more about methods other people offer to bring better things into our lives. One book I’ve picked up to recently read so that I could give others some information on it is called ‘Codependent no more’ by Melody Beattie.

Must read: White Oleander

I’ve mentioned that White Oleander is on my list of must reads by everyone. I wanted to give a little overview of the book for those who may be interested in reading it. It is a great tale about a young girl who encounters so much in life, from the time she is with her mother until the time she is able to leave the foster system after being placed there when her mother is put in jail.

A scream goes through the house

I was packing up my books today because I’m moving and I happened to stumble upon a book I can’t believe I could have forgotten. The book is called ‘A scream goes through the house’. For those of you who have not heard of, you should definitely pick up a copy. This applies to those who appreciate art and literature and would like to learn more about it.

The heartache of Emily Dickinson

"Every piece that Dickinson wrote during her lifetime, allows you to see within her heart. "

Emily Dickinson is a favorite author of mine for a number of reasons. She writes wonderfully and also has a heartbreaking story that makes all of the pieces she wrote make perfect sense. Dickinson died in the upstairs of her parent’s after her heart was broken many years earlier. Back in those days, if your lover were to leave you it meant you were basically a waste. People did not move to the next, they were alone for life and it was very unknown of a lover leaving anyone.