January 2012

Baby sleep books


If you’re a parent and your anything like me, you’ve probably read every parenting book on the market. My parenting book fetish began when my son was a just a few months old and insisted on waking up every 2 hours, every night. I was on a real journey to find a sleep plan that worked for him. Well, although I read about 7 different baby sleep books, he continued this pattern well into his toddlerhood.

Horror Stories

Books are the ultimate way to enter a different world and feel as if you are part of a story. There are so many different books available, it’s crazy. You could literally get lost in stories your entire lifetime, and still have more that are yet unread. The best part of books, is the fact that there are so many different types of stories; horror, comedy, reality, fiction.. you name it. I think every book reader has a favorite genre that they tend to lean towards when choosing a new book to read. What’s your favorite type of story?

Mine is certainly horror. My entire life, I have learned towards stories of horror. There is something just so interesting about things that are yet to be discovered, ghosts lurking in the dark or the girl who has no idea what’s waiting for her around the corner.  I love curing up in a dim lit room, lighting a few candles and letting the goose bumps form and I turn the page with excitement and a hint of fear.

Ode to books

Booking reading is my absolute favorite pass time. Other than writing, book reading is the only other activity that I can spend the entire day doing and still as if I has a completely successful day. There is just something that comes with reading that I can’t get anywhere else. I do enjoy watching movies. However; a book is able capture me in the story, and make me feel as if I am within it.

Once I start reading a book I find it difficult to put it down. I tend to spend the day lying on the couch, flipping page after page until the story finally concludes and I can rest well knowing what happened. I remember when I was a young kid; I’d wheel my wagon all the way to the public library. When I got there I’d fill it with books to keep me occupied for the week. I’d do this every Sunday, and that’s how I spent much of my youth. I think that’s why I enjoy writing now, because I just always surrounded myself with the written word.