Life Animals! Picture Puzzle

Life Animals! Picture Puzzle

A loved one recently picked up an animal picture puzzle book for my daughter, who loves animals. The book is called Life Animals! Picture Puzzle. I wasn’t very enthused about many of the photos, which include dressing animals up like people; but many of the photos were simply of animals in nature with a few slight differences provided for the reader to locate. Each puzzle provides two or more images of the animal (or animals), with a simple challenge: Can you spot the difference between the photos?

It’s just like those old Highlights days when we were kids and we tried to find all of the differences between the two pictures. The difference here is that the images are actual photos, which makes it much more interesting. There are still multiple differences to spot, so if you are one of those people who easily solves these puzzles and you dread the simplicity of it, that might make it a bit more challenging for you.

Apparently this book is the sixth in a series of similar photo puzzle books that have become popular bestsellers on the New York Times Bestseller list. There are four levels of puzzles in the books, making them accessible to different ages and abilities—including novice, master, expert, and genius. I think three of the four terms are pretty speculative, considering that this isn’t a huge science or math puzzle book but one of animals posing with hats or golf clubs; still, that will help you determine where you should begin if you choose to use the book.

I think this particular puzzle book would make a good gift for children who love puzzles (and most do; I remember one year my mother asked for everyone to buy me puzzles because I was obsessed with them—funny how I didn’t like them quite so much after that!), and it’s not an expensive gift. Ours was only a quarter, but it can be purchased as cheaply as 89 cents online. Pretty much anyone who enjoys America’s Funniest Pets or similar television shows would likely enjoy the book, too, if only to look at the photos. Some of the candid wildlife photos—particularly of fish, turtles, and snakes—are quite striking to look at.

Further picture puzzle books in the series include photos of vacations, people in daily life, and holidays. Check with you local bookstore if you would like to order a copy.