Hooked on Pre-K Super Workbook

Hooked on Pre-K Super Workbook

It’s fun enough, but you could do all of this on your own.

Lots of parents—homeschooling ones or not—like to search for workbooks and other educational materials for their children. Personally I have had the most luck at the dollar store, but we don’t really use workbooks much.

That said, when my daughter was a baby, I did purchase a Hooked on Phonics Pre-K Super Workbook through our book club, and the other day she found it. Granted, she’s a bit too old for it now, but even so, she was incredibly bored with the book. Flipping through it, it was easy to understand why.

Most of the activities were just coloring pages, while the letter identification pages where just as boring as the ones you’ll find in any classroom. Really? This was the revolutionary program I’ve heard so much about?

If you really want to spend money on workbooks, I recommend Kumon. They are much prettier as well as more fun, with games and interactive activities rather than static boring worksheets. You cut them up, make 3-D art, all kinds of things. Of course, learning without workbooks works well for us, too. My daughter likes to cut up her workbooks and make them into collages anyway, and she can do that with magazines!